Since 1986 Capital City Telecom has grown as a leading provider of telecommunications and network cabling needs in our community. In recent years we have expanded our services into the ever-growing security market, by providing security systems for homes and businesses, surveillance camera systems, and door access control. We have built a team of professionally trained employees dedicated to serving our customer's needs. Capital City Telecom was built on principles of quality service, equipment and substantial customer support; hence our motto "Where Quality Still Counts". 

We continuously look for new technology and fields to grow our business and provide much needed services to our customers. We offer a diverse product line that allows us to serve all types of businesses. Whether you have a small office or large company, need a simple or more complex system, Capital City Telecom has you covered. The diversity of our systems contributes to a large customer base of small and large firms. Our customers vary in size from large manufacturing plants, schools, law firms, networked bank chains, churches, nursing facilities, doctor's offices & clinics, insurance companies, construction companies, car dealerships, non-profit organizations and more. This large range of clients is directly related to the flexibility of the systems we offer, the robust feature set offered in each platform and the ease with which our systems are customized and used by our customers. 

Capital City Telecom can be your one source for all your telecommunication and security needs. For over 28 years we've strived to provide our customers with the highest level of quality equipment, quality service, quality support, and quality solutions. We hope to continue our success with these same principles for years to come.  

"Where Quality Still Counts"
Gary G. Norment President
Proud member of the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce & The Missouri Homebuilders Association